The Organizers:

Pain Solution has delivered hardcore entertainment to festivals and parties, at corporate events, and nearly all kinds of cultural events since 1993. During this period the group has had several members in periods, but over the past few years it has become a solo project. All this time the group has been directed by Håvve Fjell, who’s now the one left to keep Pain Solution alive and kicking. I addition to all the shows produced and presented, Pain Solution and Håvve Fjell has a long history of  organizing events, generally tied to a concept of sorts. It is only natural that Pain Solution is one of the organizers inviting you to PervoSirkus.

Pinpoint Piercingis located in Torggata 20 meters the center of Oslo. Founded in 1998, Pinpoint is renowned for keeping a high standard concerning hygiene, technique and jewelry. The highly experienced Pinpoint crew is proud of it’s broad specter of customers; here you can be assured to get personal and professional service both whether you come in for a simple navel piercing, or seek more extreme bodyart. Pinpoint also plays a great part in organizing Wings of Desires annual Oslo SusCon, other WoD suspension events, and now also in PervoSirkus.

Oslo Fetish appeared for the first time in 2004, the inspiration for the party came from the cult book Oslo’s Underliv. The book came out in -97 and presents the subcultures in Oslo at that time. Most of these scenes are still active, and the aim of Oslo Fetish is to gather most of them at one big party.